Flag History

The history of the flags dates back to the year 1976.  At Old World Wisconsin, they displayed five American flags representing different eras of this country’s growth and also flags from 21 foreign countries.  This event received national attention and traffic was backed up for more than a mile at one time as people came to see the street of international flags, sadly, the exhibit was taken down after Wisconsin Power & Electric Co. deemed it unsafe. Nails holding the flags to poles created a hazard for linemen, the utility said.  In the year 1989, THE EAGLE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION took advantage of a new WEPCO ruling that allows “foreign materials” on utility poles and revived the project in the Village of Eagle., along Main Street. Each flag had a nameplate to identify its country.  All the flags are a tribute to the settlers who came to this area in the 19th century.  Throughout the years the nameplates were becoming pretty worn so The Eagle Business Association members voted to have all US flags throughout the Village of Eagle to support our troops and veterans .  Keeping the flags flying high over Eagle has been an important project for the Eagle Business Association, and they are very proud of the continued community support.  About every two years the flags are replaced due to weather conditions.

The Eagle Business Association thanks you for sponsoring a United States flag which will be hung throughout the Village of Eagle, Wisconsin.  Your sponsorship will proudly be put on our website, letting everyone know of your patriotism.  These flags are very important in the Beautifying Eagle Together project.

With our respect and gratitude,

The Eagle Business Association

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